hey you

hey you,

yeah you behind your computer screen, you’re pretty cool for taking the time to check this out. and since you’ve taken the time to check this out i’m gonna be totally honest with you, i have no idea what i’m doing. honesty is good, right?

anyways, i’ve always thought about having a blog, mostly because since I was a child i’ve kept a journal (it helps to keep my mind from exploding due to all the random thoughts i go through on a daily basis). this is just a more public version of that journal. i dabbled in blogging when i was younger, it was bad, so now i’m moving on. i’m not promising i’ve gotten any better but everyone deserves a second, or third, or fourth chance, right?

i went to school for journalism, and since graduating i feel like i’m in sort of a rut. i don’t know what to do with the little creativity i was blessed with and i think this would be a good outlet. also, my boyfriend is sick of my rambling on about clothing or television or nail polish, i’m hoping all of you will be more interested than him lol.

i have diverse interests including fashion, food, tv, movies, sports, etc. and this blog will be a collection of those things.

bare with me while i figure this whole thing out.

thanks for reading,



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