a little getaway…

If I’m being completely honest my summer has been slightly lacklustre. I’m not saying it was bad but I didn’t really do anything “exciting” or newsworthy. I managed to sneak one little getaway in right at the end of summer, this past weekend I was fortunate enough to visit Connecticut. I know that may not sound super exciting, but it’s been a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. I’ve always had a sort of fascination with the East Coast (blame it on Gossip Girl) and I want to explore all the East Coast has to offer. I’ve been to New York City twice and it definitely owns a large piece of my heart, but I have now made room in my heart for Connecticut.

I’m fortunate enough that my boyfriend’s parents have some friends who live there and they brought me along on their most recent visit. Besides the undying love I already knew I had for unsweetened iced tea and Dunkin’ Donuts, I found so much more to love about the USA. Now listen, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a Canadian, maple syrup runs through my veins and I say “eh” as much as I breathe, but I have always had a love affair with the United States. I’ve been travelling there since I was in my mother’s womb and it has always given me so many fond memories.

Pack a lunch kids, this is gonna be a pretty long post.


One of the best parts of Connecticut is that it’s close to so many cool places. Within an hour (by train) you could be in either Boston or New York City. We managed to getaway to Watch Hill, Rhode Island for the day and it is definitely my new favourite place. It is so quintissentially East Coast in many ways.

20140825_130132This is a view of some of the multi-million dollar homes at Watch Hill. Pictures just don’t do the view justice, it’s so lovely there.

20140825_124311Taylor Swift owns this house. It sits at the highest point on Watch Hill and has a view of everything. There is 24 hour security posted outside the home at ALL TIMES, like even when she’s not there some poor guy has to sit outside the house all day. Apparently she tried to block off a pathway down to the beach and that royally pissed off everyone so she didn’t, but I’m sure there will be a song on her newest CD about the people in town and how they wouldn’t let her do whatever she wanted just because she’s famous (ugh). 

20140825_124406This house was my absolute favourite, it had so much charm and character. This what I imagine when I picture a summer home on the East Coast (not that I ever have or ever will own one). I spent the better part of the day pretending that I owned this house. 

20140825_124305We chatted up the security guard outside Taylor’s house and he told us that this house belongs to some guy from New York who works on Wall St. and no one has been to this house in three years. THREE YEARS!!! The gardeners and housekeepers come faithfully and maintain the home despite the owner having so much money that he probably forgot that he owns this beauty. Apparently the inside is completely custom and word on the street is the house is worth somewhere in the $15 million range. 

20140825_134957We went for lunch at the Olympia Tea Room, which has been around since 1916. If you like seafood (which I LOVE) this place is right up your alley. The fish they serve is caught fresh daily, nothing is ever frozen and you can certainly taste the difference. I had fish and chips and it was aaammmaaazzziiinnnggg. I will literally never eat fish and chips in Canada again because I have now been spoiled. My boyfriend doesn’t even like fish and he was obsessed with this place.  Check it out!

After this trip it just solidified how badly I want to relocate to the USA for a while. I feel like my journalism career could really flourish out here. And since I love to travel and explore so much, it would be amazing to be so close to so many hidden gems. A girl can dream, right? 

I’m gonna go drink a tea out of my Dunkin’ Donuts mug, close my eyes, and pretend that I’m back in Connecticut.

Thanks for reading, you’re pretty cool.



hey you

hey you,

yeah you behind your computer screen, you’re pretty cool for taking the time to check this out. and since you’ve taken the time to check this out i’m gonna be totally honest with you, i have no idea what i’m doing. honesty is good, right?

anyways, i’ve always thought about having a blog, mostly because since I was a child i’ve kept a journal (it helps to keep my mind from exploding due to all the random thoughts i go through on a daily basis). this is just a more public version of that journal. i dabbled in blogging when i was younger, it was bad, so now i’m moving on. i’m not promising i’ve gotten any better but everyone deserves a second, or third, or fourth chance, right?

i went to school for journalism, and since graduating i feel like i’m in sort of a rut. i don’t know what to do with the little creativity i was blessed with and i think this would be a good outlet. also, my boyfriend is sick of my rambling on about clothing or television or nail polish, i’m hoping all of you will be more interested than him lol.

i have diverse interests including fashion, food, tv, movies, sports, etc. and this blog will be a collection of those things.

bare with me while i figure this whole thing out.

thanks for reading,